Check out the Latest Pilot Recruiting Video!

This week Recruiting launched a new video touting the benefits of our Captain Qualified First Officer (CQFO) program.  This program allows pilots who meet Captain requirements to fly as either a Captain or a First Officer, depending on the airline’s scheduling needs.  CQFOs earn a Captain’s wage when flying as a Captain and a First Officer’s wage when flying as a First Officer.  However, given their experience level, CQFOs earn a higher First Officer wage than that of a traditional First Officer.

In additional to making it financially feasible for pilots at other regionals to launch new careers here, this program also gives pilots the opportunity start earning Pilot in Command (PIC)  time immediately, making it an ideal solution for those who have spent years waiting to upgrade.

Featured in the video is Trans States CQFO Marlon Choyce.  Marlon joined us this summer after spending four years in the right seat at another regional.  Marlon’s ultimate career goal is to fly for a mainline carrier.  However, mainline jobs require PIC time, which Marlon was unable to acquire in the right seat.  Marlon cites the opportunity to start earning PIC time, as well as the CQFO wage structure, as the two driving forces behind his decision to leave his previous First Officer position for a CQFO position with us.  In fact, Marlon said that even though he’s brand new to the company, he’s earning more per flight hour than he did after four years at his previous carrier.

If you know pilots at other regionals who have become frustrated with long upgrade times, encourage them to check out our CQFO program.  A higher wage structure, the opportunity to start earning PIC time, and upgrades in less than a year are all compelling reasons to consider making a move.  Plus, you’ll earn a $1,500 referral bonus for every pilot candidate you recommend that is hired and completes training.  Everyone wins!

Participation in ATP Tuition Reimbursement Program Finalized


We’re excited to announce that our participation in ATP Flight School’s tuition reimbursement program has been finalized! This innovative new program will allow for a portion of ATP student pilots’ training costs to be paid for by Trans States Airlines. In exchange, ATP pilots agree to fly for Trans States after gaining the required flight experience.  Trans States is one of only a handful of regional airlines currently offering this incentive to new hire pilots.

Read the complete press release HERE.

Exciting new pilot recruiting initiatives announced!

Two exciting new programs were announced today that give Trans States Airlines employees the opportunity to earn money for recommending and mentoring successful pilot candidates!

The Pilot Referral Program gives all Trans States Airlines employees the opportunity to earn $1,500 for each successful pilot candidate they recommend to Recruiting, while the Pilot Mentor Program gives Trans States Airlines pilots the opportunity to earn $5,000 for recommending a new hire pilot and then mentoring that new hire pilot through their first two years with the company.

Please check email or Comply for additional details.  More information, including program instructions and forms, will be provided next week.  We hope that many of you take advantage of this opportunity to earn extra money while helping our Recruiting and Flight Ops departments!

Trans States Participates in St. Louis Pilot Career Forum

Keith Stamper
Director of Flight Ops Keith Stamper addresses the Greater St. Louis Flight Instructors Association career forum.

Last week the Trans States Recruiting and Flight Ops teams participated in a career forum sponsored by the Greater St. Louis Flight Instructors Association.  The event, entitled “From Student to Aviation Career,” gave Director of Flight Ops Keith Stamper the chance to discuss pilot career opportunities at Trans States with prospective commercial aviators.  Click HERE to access the complete article regarding this event.