Mitsubishi Regional Jet Completes First Flight

The highly anticipated first flight of the Mitsubishi Regional Jet (MRJ) went off without a hitch earlier this week in Japan.  The flight, which was approximately an hour and a half in duration, reached speeds of up to 174 miles an hour and altitudes of up to 15,000 feet.  Trans States Holdings, the parent company of Trans States Airlines, is the domestic launch customer for the MRJ, with 50 firm orders and another 50 on option.  Of the 50 firm orders, Trans States Airlines is guaranteed to receive 20 of them, with the first expected to enter revenue service in 2017.

The MRJ comes in two versions–one that seats 70 passengers and one that seats 90.  At this time, it is not certain which model Trans States will fly.  Some of the notable features of the MRJ include increased fuel-efficiency, lower noise levels and a spacious interior layout that maximizes passenger customers.  Please click HERE for the latest developments on the MRJ project.  We’re looking forward to introducing this beautiful aircraft to our fleet!

MRJ Rollout Pictures and Video!

Rick Leach was on hand in Japan this weekend for the much-anticipated MRJ rollout!  Check out the short video below or the full roll-out ceremony video at

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Additional pictures from the launch ceremony:

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