Chicago-based Flight Attendant Exceeds Customer Expectations throughout Five-Year Career


Aryen Barr Chicago
Trans States’ Chicago-based Flight Attendant always provides stellar customer service to passengers.

Growing up near Chicago Midway International Airport came with a few perks for ORD-based Flight Attendant, Aryen Barr. As a kid, Aryen recalls plane watching as some of his most memorable family outings. Seeing the large jets take off and land on the runway sparked his desire to fly. Read more to find out why Aryen chose to launch his aviation career with Trans States, why he loves the flight attendant lifestyle, and why our Chicago base is the perfect fit for him.

After working in retail for several years, Aryen decided to step out on faith and chase after his childhood dream to fly. When he turned 20 years old, he chose to launch his career with Trans States after successfully navigating through the interview process.

“When I interviewed with the recruiting team, everyone I talked to made me feel as if I was already a part of the family,” Aryen said. “There aren’t many companies out there that make you feel like you’re already one of their own. With Trans States I could feel the difference and knew that I wanted to work for a company like that.”

Now, after five years with Trans States, Aryen still feels the same way he did when he first joined the airline family.

“They say when you do what you love, it doesn’t feel like work. I love having the ability to serve passengers. As the front-line employee I’m responsible for making or breaking a person’s travel experience, and I choose to make it better,” Aryen said. “Regardless of what kind of day myself or the passenger has had, I strive to give people an exceptional experience.”

Aryen’s commitment to providing excellent customer service has earned him numerous Above and Beyond nominations in previous quarters. He communicates impeccably with passengers with the aim to always place himself in their shoes.

“I was raised to treat others as you would like to be treated, so with every interaction I have, I like to do just that,” Aryen said. “The key is to smile often and provide a positive experience that will not only impact their flight, but the rest of their day. Some say that I go above and beyond, I’d just say that I’m being a decent person.

As Aryen progresses his career with Trans States, he hopes to continue making an impact on each passenger’s day and to grow in his role.

“Seeing the growth of this company excites me and I’m excited to see what the future has in store for us.” Aryen said.

Are you interested in becoming a Trans States Airlines Flight Attendant? Click here to apply today:


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