Former Navy Pilot Launches his Post-Military Flying Career at Trans States

Trans States Airlines is a proud supporter of our men and women in uniform, and is committed to hiring military Veterans, like Marine Corps veteran and Trans States Maintenance Technician, Brandi Rector. Today we’re highlighting another Trans States military Veteran, First Officer Rick Brantley.

Rick is a retired Navy pilot who had always hoped for a commercial flying career after leaving the military.  However, when a Commanding Officer role took him out of the cockpit for the last few years of his career, he assumed that flying commercially was no longer feasible.  However, several years after he retired, he had a conversation with an FAA examiner, who convinced him that the commercial aviation industry would be receptive to a former military pilot who had spent some time away from the flight deck.

“I wasn’t sure, but he was right,” Rick said.  “Trans States was the first airline that I reached out to, and a pilot recruiter contacted me that same day.”

As Rick found out, airlines were very receptive to his background. He applied to a number of regional airlines, including Trans States, and every single one of them offered him an interview.

Keith Stamper, the Director of Flight Operations at Trans States, wasn’t surprised that airlines were so eager to interview Rick.  “When you hire a former military pilot, it’s almost guaranteed that he or she is going to have an outstanding work ethic and exceptional leadership skills,” he said.  “Plus, the high quality of their previous military training makes it relatively easy for them to transition back into flying.”

While Rick may have applied to a number of airlines, Trans States stood out to him from the very beginning.  In the below video, he talks about his experience transitioning from military to commercial flying, and how factors including company culture, crew base location and a competitive contract convinced him that Trans States was the best place for him to launch his new career.  Rick also speaks about the high value that the military places on mentorship, and how he saw that same commitment to helping others throughout the entire Trans States organization.

Even if you’ve been away from the cockpit for a few years, being a commercial pilot is still within reach.  Our recruiters will walk you through the process, start to finish. Click here to get started.


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