Flight Attendant “Turned Frustrating Experience into a Pleasant One”

We received this nice note from a passenger regarding Flight Attendant Brianna Drum. Here’s what he had to say after a recent flight:

“I was on American Airlines flight # 4116 on December 17 from New York LaGuardia to Greensboro operated by your company.  The flight was delayed a few times for various reasons, which normally would have been very frustrating.  The flight attendant, Brianna Drum, was very polite and understanding with everyone, despite some frustrations.

I had over 90 flights in 2015 and she was by far the best flight attendant of any of them.  I honestly don’t know of a specific thing that she did to make a difference, but it is kind of like having two different servers at a restaurant, they both take your order and bring your food, but one of them makes the whole experience better.  She somehow turned a frustrating situation into a pleasant one.”

Brianna personifies Trans States Airlines’ commitment to providing our customers with an exceptional passenger experience.  Regardless of the situation, our employees can be counted on to do their very best for our customers.  Service like Brianna’s is what it’s all about.

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