Third Quarter Above & Beyond Winners

job well doneCongratulations to the Third Quarter Above & Beyond Winners!  Thank you to those of you who took the time to nominate your co-workers!  Each winner will receive a $50 Visa gift card, and each person who submitted a winning nomination will receive a $25 Visa gift card. The company gave away $425 of gift cards this quarter!

Corporate/Station: Vernon Bergmann
Nominated by: Debbie Puzniak, Uniform Coordinator
“With the amount of growth, I have been extremely busy trying to get all the classes into the system. Vernon has taken care of the problems that have occurred with online ordering and he never complains or gets upset. He always stops in to check if everything is completed, and if needed he will take care of the issue, no questions asked.”

Inflight: Nadine Buell, DEN Flight Attendant
Nominated by: Bob Lamar, Trans States Pilot
Nadine Buell1
“Our flight was diverted to Colorado Springs, where we ended up sitting on the ramp for four hours due to weather. Nadine stayed on her feet the entire time serving our passengers and doing all she could to ensure they were comfortable and their questions were answered. We had to deplane the passengers that wished to remain in Colorado Springs on the ramp in heavy rain. Nadine was right there at the door getting rained on while doing all she could to ensure passengers walked down the airplane steps safely in the dark. Her exemplary service to our customers turned what would have been a very unpleasant situation to a merely inconvenient sit for our passengers. Those that stayed with us thanked her for all her hard work when they deplaned, as it was easy for all on the aircraft to recognize that she had truly gone above and beyond. After all we’d been through the cabin was completely trashed, but she cleaned it up and flew off with another crew to Santa Fe that night after our seven hour ordeal. That level of dedication to our customers can only come from deep within a person. I’d like to recognize Nadine for her dedication and thank her for all she did for us that night.”

Flight Ops: Ben Forbis, IAD First OfficerBen Forbis2
Nominated by: Lori Tinnon, Crew Scheduling

“First Officer Ben Forbis allowed another pilot that he did not know come to his hotel room in Houston to borrow his tablet. Ben’s rest was interrupted after he had been at the hotel for over an hour and he didn’t have to answer his phone, but he did. He was told that a pilot had left his tablet at a hotel and needed one to depart for his trip out of IAH. When Crew Scheduling called Ben he gave them his room number and said to send the pilot over and he would be happy to give him his tablet. We were able to get him a replacement tablet the next day to IAH. By doing this Ben protected two flights from being cancelled. In this situation I believe First Officer Forbis definitely went above and beyond for our company.”

Maintenance: Zach Miller, Parts CoordinatorZachMiller
Nominated by: Cullen Jarvis, AOG Coordinator

“Zach shows excitement for the job and performs his duty with a smile on his face each night. He gets along with all his coworkers and never gives up on the job. Zach also performs his job even on his days off. He comes in and goes above and beyond to stay and help his coworkers get the job done. I have never seen Zach with a bad performance on this job.”

Team/Crew: Gary Hainsworth and Greg Little, Maintenance Acceptance Nominated by: Katie Wilson, Trans States Inflight Instructor
“I have had the pleasure to work with Gary and Greg throughout the acceptance process for the new aircraft that we are adding to our fleet. They come in on their days off, come in early and stay late to ensure that the new aircraft meets the deadlines. You can really tell the effort that they put into their jobs when you see the final condition of the aircraft. They lead by example and it shows with their whole team that is under them. They also take time to answer any questions I might have and even respond to my emails on their days off. If I am not able to inspect the aircraft before they start working, they check the aircraft for items that I commonly write up and have those items fixed so they can be on schedule. We are very fortunate to have them working for our company and they go above and beyond every day. I appreciate their hard work and dedications to ensure a quality product for our passengers and crew.

The third quarter contest is closed, but we’re currently accepting nominations for the fourth quarter contest. Nominations may be submitted via the link on the main page of the employee website or via the link here on the blog.  If you see someone going above and beyond for their co-workers or our passengers, be sure to let us know.  You could win a $25 gift card just for telling us!

This could be yours!
This could be yours!

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