Pilot Contract Extension is Finalized


It’s official!  Today COO Fred Oxley, Director of Flight Operations Keith Stamper and ALPA MEC Chairman Zach Barnes signed a three-year contract extension for the Trans States pilot group.  The pilot group voted to approve the contract extension just three weeks after the contract’s first amendable date.  Most notably, the agreement raises first year pay to $35.81 per flight hour, the highest first year pay in the regional airline industry.  The new contract also provides improvements in healthcare, sick leave and the company’s 401(k) contributions, as well as a cost-of-living increase for existing pilots and an increase in the per diem rate.

Both ALPA and Trans States management spoke positively of the negotiation process.  ALPA MEC Charman Zach Barnes stated, “The deal exemplifies what a company and pilot group can accomplish when working together in a healthy labor relationship.”

COO Fred Oxley echoed those sentiments, stating last week that, “The fact that this extension was reached in such a short period of time underscores the positive and mutually respectful relationship that exists between the company and ALPA, especially at a time when other regional airlines have had difficulties concluding their negotiation processes.”

The new contract goes into effect on October 1.


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