Second Quarter Winners Announced

above & beyond

Congratulations to the second quarter winners of the Above & Beyond contest!  Each winner will receive a $50 Visa gift card, and each person who submitted a winning nomination will receive a $25 Visa gift card.  The company will give away $525.00 in gift cards this quarter!

Inflight Winner:  Yewande Martins
Nominated by:  Debbie Fowler, Trans States Maintenance department

Recently, I went on a trip to Dulles, Chicago, and LaGuardia to check on the outstation manuals, and had the pleasure of having a very pleasant flight attendant. In watching her, you could tell that she enjoyed her job. Our flight had been delayed from STL-IAD several times, and she made everyone forget about the delays as she made everyone feel great as they boarded. As she gave her safety briefing, she was very thorough, but had fun with the customers. An overhead panel needed fixed, so while the mechanic was working she started singing and asked several passengers to sing with her, and some did. It was a great distraction from the delay. She needs a giant pat on the back for a job well done!

Yewande also received this customer compliment this quarter:

I was pleasantly surprised to see an outstanding dedicated flight attendant. She was fun, entertaining, professional, and really made an impact on my day. She was on her fourth leg of the day and remained committed to her job and passengers. She is an outstanding employee who is definitely an asset to your company.

Flight Ops winner: John Price
Nominated by: Nadine Buell, Inflight

Recently, there was a lady on one of my trips who was traveling alone with an infant. We chatted during the flight, and I learned that they baby’s blanket was crocheted by her great-grandmother and had been passed down. The baby ended up fussing the whole flight, which left the mother flustered and upset. When it was time to deplane, I helped her as much as I could, wished her luck, and sent her on her way. While John and I were crossing seatbelts, he noticed the baby blanket had been left behind. I quickly gave him a description of the passenger, and John ran off the plane and ran halfway down the terminal before catching up with the woman and returning the blanket to her. John came back a sweaty mess, but smiling! Bravo John! I truly enjoy flying with you!

Team/Flight Crew: Captain Derick Nicholas and First Officer Rodrigo Anzola
Nominated by: Yewande Martins, Inflight

On May 27, my crew and I arrived at SGF at 4:15 a.m. for our 5:15 a.m. departure to ORD.  Due to a technical issue, we were unable to board and take off for five hours. Captain Nicholas and First Officer Anzola behaved like no team of pilots I have ever flown with. Captain Nicholas made various announcements directly to the passengers in the gate area, an action that calmed down a group of anxious passengers. About three hours into the flight delay, the crew began a conversation with the passengers letting them know that we were sympathetic to their concerns. The pilots even helped me serve beverages and cookies to the passengers in the gate area. This made the passengers smile and express some positivity. Never have I worked with pilots who worked so diligently to go above and beyond for passengers. Not only did that service set high expectations for the surrounding airlines, but it showed that as a crew we are a team. Kudos to you both!

SOC: Emma Harrison
Nominated by: Sherri Snelling

Emma is consistently going above and beyond in the crew scheduling department. I have received multiple complements on her helpfulness and excellent customer service skills in dealing with crew members and vendors. She has stepped up numerous times in the coming in early and staying late to cover operational challenges and covering open shifts. Most recently, she stayed for over 15 hours due to a supervisor calling in sick and she did not want to leave the new schedulers by themselves. Her commitment to the scheduling department and to the airline makes her an exceptional employee and well deserving of this award.

Maintenance: Thomas Kell
Nominated by: Chris Gage

While Tom was working his regularly scheduled shift, which began on Saturday at 8: 30 p.m., he was faced with an aircraft that has maintenance issues. With the end of his shift quickly approaching at 8:30 a.m., Tom didn’t blink an eye at staying until the job was finished, without even being asked. He did this because he knows that at the moment there are no avionics techs available on Sundays and the aircraft would be down all day. Little did he know that the job would keep him until 4:30 p.m. Then, on top of that, he returned four hours later for his normal shift. Many people would have left when their shift ended, or called in sick the following day, but that’s not Tom.

Corporate/Station Employee: Katie Nagle
Nominated by: Tonya Spicuzza & Kendel Meek

Tonya Spicuzza nomination:

I recently attended recurrent and with all the rain I left my umbrella in the restroom. I mentioned it to Ms. Katie and she sent out an e-mail. To my surprise she called me within a few days telling me she found my umbrella and would hold onto it until I was able to retrieve it. It was the smallest of things to lose, but what a great pleasure to have it back. Katie is a real pleasure to know and work with. Thank you Katie!

Kendel Meek nomination:

Over the last few weeks Katie has truly gone above and beyond in helping to get the new aircraft conformity checks done with the FAA. Katie has been doing this in between teaching recurrent flight attendant classes. She has come in early mornings, late evenings, and on the weekends.

This quarter we’re also doing something a little different.  When the leadership team was reviewing the nominations for this quarter, they decided that there were so many people doing extraordinary things that they all deserved to be recognized, even if they didn’t win.  Please check email or Comply to read the first edition of the Above & Beyond quarterly newsletter, which highlights everyone who was nominated, not just the winners.  We hope you enjoy it!

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