Superstar flight attendant featured in another company’s employee newsletter

Super star flight attendant Aryen Barr, shown here on his one year anniversary with Trans States!
Superstar flight attendant Aryen Barr, shown here on his one year anniversary with Trans States.

You know you’ve made an impression when you’re featured in another company’s employee newsletter. That’s exactly what happened to Trans States flight attendant Aryen Barr.  The editor of Phelebotomy Today flew with us recently and wrote about Aryen in a company newsletter article highlighting some of his best and worst customer service experiences. After telling readers about a bad experience he’d had with a contractor, the editor then had this to say about Aryen:

Contrast that with the world-class customer service I just received on my return trip from Montreal.  All passengers had boarded United flight 3345 from Washington Dulles to Louisville, Kentucky, myself included. I occupied seat 3A, which qualified as both a window and an aisle seat at the same time in the small, coach-only aircraft with no more than 20 other passengers.

After everyone had found his/her seat, the pilot announced that our departure would be delayed by about 15 minutes.  Moments after the announcement he began distributing cups of water to all the passengers. Personally, I was parched, and really appreciated the effort.  On his way back toward the front he saw my empty glass and offered a refill instead of simply collecting my empty cup.

Once airborne for the quick 1-hour flight, he began the scheduled beverage service. “Water, no ice,” I said. He continued down the cabin recording the other orders. Moments later, he’s distributing the orders. When he sets the paper napkin down on my tray table I noticed the following hand-written scrawled on it:  “Thank you for flying with us, Mr. Ernst. We hope to see you again, your business is greatly appreciated!”

I was shocked. Instead of staring mindlessly at the bulkhead as we taxied down the runway and climbed to our cruising altitude, this young man was personalizing napkins for all his passengers. Unbelievable.  He’s the kind of employee you build a company around. It’s people like this that tip the scales. If United staffed every flight with this caliber of customer service mastery, I’d fly no other.

The Inflight team’s efforts to provide Flyer Friendly service to every passenger on every flight are clearly paying off, and our passengers are noticing.  Way to go, Aryen!

One thought on “Superstar flight attendant featured in another company’s employee newsletter

  1. Jackey Derryberry November 29, 2015 / 6:05 pm

    I recently had a connection from Chicago, to Huntsville Alabama which I was not looking forward to at all, your attendant Ishell Laxton # 23711 made the flight very refreshing if not even enjoyable, very personable care of the passengers and a bright smile to go with all her work to service everyone and check on the full flight of passengers multiple times throughout the flight, it’s not often flights are enjoyable but if I could ever consider one enjoyable this one be it.

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