Cynthia Robertson Named New Inflight Manager

Cynthia Robertson

The Inflight department is pleased to announce the addition of Cynthia Robertson to the Inflight leadership team.  Cynthia will be the Inflight Manager for our IAD and ORD-based flight attendants.

Cynthia was born in Washington D.C. and grew up in Kensington-Chevy Chase, Maryland.  Cynthia attended Montgomery College and then went on to the University of Maryland-College Park to study business and marketing.  After college, she was an Account Executive for a large California bank for 15 years, before retiring from banking to raise her three children.  She later went back to work part-time managing a fitness club.   A longtime love of aviation (her grandfather was in the Royal Air Force) led to her decision to pursue a new career as a flight attendant.  Cynthia joined the Trans States Inflight team as a flight attendant in May of 2010 and became a Check Airperson in July of 2012.  Regarding her new position, Cynthia says,

“I thoroughly enjoy my job, as well as training new flight attendants.  I look forward to my new position and I thank everyone here at TSA for making my career so rewarding.”

Make sure to stop by the crew room the next time you’re in IAD to meet Cynthia!

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