Trans States debuts new SOC location

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Last month, the Trans States SOC moved from its cramped location on the third floor of the STC building to an expansive new location on the second floor.  The SOC’s spacious new home now accommodates three departments, including Maintenance Control, Dispatch, and Scheduling.  In addition to adding 20 workspaces that are distributed amongst its three departments, the new SOC location includes a break area, as well as six TV screens that show flight tracking, maintenance delays, weather updates, and rolling performance statistics.  In the future, one of the screens will soon be used to as a scheduling board, allowing the scheduling team to see reserve availability at a glance.

“We’re all very excited to be in our new, modern space,” said SOC Manager Elizabeth Bevenour.  “With all of the additional flying that we’ll be doing for United and American, the move into our larger space couldn’t have come at a better time.”

 When visiting the new Trans States SOC for the first time, visitors inevitably ask, “What’s up with the blue lights?”  Dark, and lit entirely by blue lighting, the new Trans States SOC looks like something straight from science fiction.  However, strange as they may look, those blue lights are actually for the benefit of our SOC employees.  Most SOC employees work from at least two computer screens, and studies have shown that blue lights increase productivity and eliminate eye strain from computer screens.  Consequently, blue-lit SOCs are becoming more common at airlines.  Most notably, Southwest recently completed a $30 million renovation of its NOC (Network Operation Center), complete with the blue lights. 

Be sure to stop by the new SOC the next time you’re at the STC building.  Elizabeth and her team would love to show you around!

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