Flight Attendant Anita Dorest Goes Above & Beyond

greatjob2A big thanks to Anita Dorest for providing great customer service during a delay. Here is what a customer had to say:

Yesterday I was on flight 3359 from DC to Montreal. The weather conditions were poor and we were delayed 4.5 hours. Anita Dorest, was our flight attendant on this small regional plane and I wanted to commend her on how pleasant, helpful, thoughtful and encouraging she was to everyone on board. She never gave any indication of frustration and kept the mood light. She showed great empathy towards the passengers even though she would not be making it home that night to St. Louis. I have never had a flight attendant be that attentive and positive before and just wanted to pass that along. I will also say the same for the pilot and co-pilot who kept us very up to date and showed great empathy. We did make it to Montreal that night and I believe in part to the whole crew being on our side.  I just wanted to pass that along.

Anita will be entered in the 1st quarter Above & Beyond contest and is in the running to win a $50 Visa gift card. Great job, Anita!

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