Fourth Quarter 2015 Above & Beyond Winners



Congratulations to our Fourth Quarter 2015 Above & Beyond winners!

Flight Ops: First Officer Patrick Rhatigan
Patrick was nominated by a Trans States Captain who told us that in his 16 years at the company, Patrick is one of the finest First Officers he has ever flown with. He told us that Patrick’s handling of the aircraft in all phases of flight is outstanding, and that his pre-flights are thorough and prompt. Additionally, Patrick proactively has radio frequencies and other information written down in advance before they are needed. Outside of the operational sphere, Patrick represents the company well, and is cheerful and helpful with passengers and crew members alike.

Inflight: Stephanie Williams
We received an e-mail from a customer who told us about an amazing experience his family had with Stephanie. Over Thanksgiving weekend, the customer’s daughter left her favorite plush toy in the gate area of Dulles prior to boarding. Stephanie took the customer’s contact info and promised that she would look for it. When Stephanie returned to Dulles, she made a special trip back to the gate area and found the lost toy. She texted a picture of it to the child’s father to let him know that she had found it, and then mailed the toy back to the child. The child’s father told us that words could not describe his daughter’s joy and excitement upon receiving in the mail the toy she thought she had lost at the airport.

Maintenance: Jason Sutfin
A Trans States employee told us how Jason noticed from the Line Maintenance room that a departing aircraft’s com door was open. He ran across the ramp to close the door, preventing a return to gate and possible aircraft damage. Jason’s action’s prevented a delay and potential costly repairs. Way to go, Jason!

Corporate/Station Employee: Southeast Regional Manager Dawn Hill
Dawn was nominated by a Trans States employee who told us how Dawn went out of her way to escort him all over Dulles while he waited for his SIDA badge to be processed. Dawn also goes out of her way to meet new crew members, frequently helps employees with paperwork and parking applications, works tirelessly to troubleshoot operational issues that come up, and put on a great Employee Appreciation Week for our IAD employees.

SOC: Lori Tinnon
Lori was nominated by a Trans States reserve flight attendant who said that Lori goes out of her way to make reasonable show times for crew members. This flight attendant told us about a particular time when Lori called her to pick up a trip and then swapped her schedule with another crew member so that she wouldn’t have to rush to the flight when she arrived at the airport This flight attendant told us that crew members are very appreciative of Lori’s concerns for their needs.

Team/Flight Crew: Bryan Kalwei and Eric Ratliff, Maintenance
Bryan and Eric were scheduled to help with an aircraft’s lease end by flying it to Indiana on a Friday morning and performing two boroscopes procedures. The aircraft had mechanical issues and they both stayed late on Friday trying to fix it. The next day, they returned to work early to fix the aircraft and flew with it to Indiana. Due to the late arrival time, they could not finish work on the aircraft and continued working the next day to ensure the lease was closed. Bryan and Eric showed great initiative and went out of their way to assist the company in returning this aircraft to the lessor.


Each winner will receive a $50 Visa gift card and will be entered in the Employee of the Year contest. The Employee of the Year will receive a $500 Visa gift card!

Don’t forget that nominations for the 2015 1st Quarter Above & Beyond contest will be accepted until May 30th. You can submit your nominations online via the link on TRANSmissions or via the link on the employee website. Please take the time to let us know whenever you see one of your co-workers providing above and beyond service to our passengers or to their co-workers.

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