Flight Attendant Justin James Goes Above & Beyond

Good JOB pink vintage round grunge seal isolated on white backgroundA big thanks to Flight Attendant Justin James for providing great customer service. Here’s what one of our passengers had to say:

I just want to express what an outstanding job Mr. James ‘JJ’ Jones did on our return flight (UA3424). As a retired military veteran I’ve flown countless times and can honestly say Mr. Jones went out of his way to ensure everyone was comfortable and satisfied. 

Remember, this flight was on 2/2/15, the day after the blizzard cancelled so many flights and the airlines were juggling the backlog of passengers and the airport was very crowded. I know I expected the staff to be efficient but perhaps maybe a bit more stressed then usual, and instead I experienced the most comfortable flight I’ve ever had due to Mr. Jones’ excellent performance.

For example, he addressed every passenger by name, never done for me before, and engaged everyone in a friendly and courteous manner. He delivered a personalized note from the captain to the children on the flight and then created a special ‘airplane’ juice spritzer for them too, making the trip that much more exciting for them than an ordinary soda pop would have…  and so much healthier too. Finally, just before arrival, he offered us all a mint, another first for me as well. These many small acts of kindness were enormously appreciated by everyone that day.

Thank you for such excellent service!

Justin will be entered in the 1st quarter Above & Beyond contest and is in the running to win a $50 Visa gift card. Way to go, Justin!

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