Way to go, Dawn Hill!

great job thought bubble


We love hearing about Trans States teammates going above and beyond to help their fellow co-workers and our passengers!  Regional Chief Pilot John Walsh had this to say about Southeast Regional Manager Dawn Hill:

I’d like to tell you in writing how much Dawn Hill has been of immense help to me.  It takes some time to get a SIDA badge, and Dawn has been more than happy to escort me EVERYWHERE for meetings, aircraft revisions, etc. while I follow all of my duties for this new job.  I’d also like to say she has been most helpful in the office helping crew members, Karen and myself with mundane things such as parking and paperwork.  Most of all, she goes out of her way to meet crew members, ran the employee appreciation week for IAD (there are pictures), and works tirelessly to trouble shoot the myriad of contractors that support our operation here in IAD.  I have worked with her on numerous delay challenges, operational problems and logistical messes not of our own making.

The kicker is that Dawn works for Trans States Holdings.  She isn’t just responsible to us, she also does this for Go Jet and Compass!  She is also new, 6 months on the job!  I couldn’t have done my job this week without her, and she deserves more than merely my thanks.

Mike, thanks for taking the time to let us know how hard Dawn works on behalf of our employees.  Dawn will be entered in the 4th Quarter Above & Beyond contest.  Remember, Above & Beyond nominations can now be submitted online via the tab here on the blog and via the link on the main page of the employee website.

We know that there are Trans States teammates going above & beyond every day for their co-workers and for our passengers–keep those nominations coming!

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