Flight Crew Makes First Flight Special

Child & Captain hat

A big shout out to Captain Scott McAleer, First Officer Stephen Schneider and Flight Attendant Justin James for giving one of our smallest passengers a great first flight!  Elle’s mom took the time to send us this note:

I was writing this email to tell about the AWESOME flight myself and my family had on our flight from St. Louis to Cleveland on 9/12/14. The flight was the first time we were flying with my 13 month old daughter and it was a late evening business flight that was over booked. When we boarded the plane I was greeted by JJ, whom made me laugh right away by asking me where the baby was. I was confused for a moment as my husband had the baby and was not yet in view and I didn’t have any of the noticeable “baby” items on me at that time. I then realized that JJ was paying attention to people boarding the flight from the moment they were visible on the Jet way. As we were seated JJ was very attentive to our needs. He was able to make our flight home one of the BEST flights I have ever taken.

Child & Justin James

In addition to the service we and all of the other passengers received during the flight JJ and pilots took some time after the flight for some photos. Attached is a photo of JJ and my daughter Elle, I have also attached a photo of Elle in the pilot’s cap as they both came out to speak with us after the flight and pose for photos. This was service that you do not experience on flights any longer. I will make sure I fly with your airlines every chance I can just for the hopes to have JJ and the flight crew again.

Thank you for wonderful experience, great photos and memories!



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