First Officer Logan Wong Goes Above & Beyond

A huge thanks to IAD First Officer Logan Wong for providing outstanding service to his co-workers and to our passengers.  Logan was nominated by IAD Captain Chris Behnke.  Here’s what Chris had to say:

On the 13th of May, our crew was to finish our day by deadheading on flight 5860 (ORD-DAY), departing at 11:12 a.m. This flight cancelled and we were assigned by scheduling to the next available flight, which departed at 14:06. As we waited for this flight, there was smoke/fire in the Chicago ATC facility, shutting down O’Hare for several hours. When the airport re-opened several hours later, the delayed deadhead flight was eventually cancelled. I called scheduling and due to the work volume, was told that scheduling would call our crew back. Logan had gone to get something to eat and then personally went back to the gate for the next available Dayton flight, which was flight 5026. Logan coordinated with the gate agent and Ethan in scheduling to get the rest of the crew onto this flight and to Dayton for the overnight. As a result of Logan’s actions, we were just able to get our required rest for the following day and our morning departure on 14 May, Flight 3425 DAY-ORD, a STAR flight, was able to depart on time. Through his initiative and superior use of resources, Logan diverted a delay to this morning departure and helped improve Trans States’s operational performance.

Logan will be entered in the third quarter Above & Beyond contest and is in the running to win a $50 Visa gift card.

Visa gift card 2

Also a big thanks to Chris for taking the time to let us know about Logan’s actions.  Be sure to nominate your co-workers whenever you see them providing exemplary service.  A link to the online nomination form can be found on the main page of the employee website (under the crew newsletter) and via the Above & Beyond tab on the blog.

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