Meet a Future Flight Attendant!


Meet future Trans States flight attendant, Christian Davis!
Future Trans States Flight Attendant, Christian Davis!

Meet Christian Davis! Christian is a 22 year-old St. Louis native in the current Trans States flight attendant training class.

 About Christian:

  • Christian recently graduated from Langston University with a degree in Broadcast Journalism.
  • During her college career, she was heavily involved in campus life and was Miss Black Langston University from 2013-2014.  Christian also served as President of her sorority, Delta Sigma Theta.
  • While in school, Christian was an FM radio intern, as well as a newsroom intern for the local NBC affiliate.
  • In her spare time, Christian enjoys creative writing, reading, watching films, dancing and traveling.  Her lifelong passions are children’s literacy and female empowerment in the urban community. 

Christian’s journalism background taught her to effectively communicate, and she’s looking forward to putting those same communications skills to work in her new career. 

 Here’s why Christian says she became a flight attendant:

 “I was excited to become a flight attendant because I love conquering new adventures and traveling to new and unknown parts of the world. I am the epitome of a social butterfly and love helping people along the way. I am a traveler at heart, and love to explore life from different locations through different life experiences.”

Going into training, Christian knew that being a flight attendant was more than just serving drinks, but was surprised by the breadth and depth of safety and medical training that flight attendants receive.  Christian says that the most surprising thing about flight attendant training has been discovering all the things that go on behind the scenes during a flight that the traveling public is oblivious to.

Welcome to Trans States Airlines, Christian!

One thought on “Meet a Future Flight Attendant!

  1. Traci September 11, 2014 / 3:18 pm

    Sounds like Trans States chose a wonder flight attendant in Christian Davis!!!

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