Kudos to Flight Attendant Justin James

A customer submitted this letter to Justin James for going above and beyond during one of his trips:

“I fly 2-4 flight segments almost every week on United and related airlines, and I have seldom encountered the disagreeable passenger that was on this short flight. For a small plane, there were a number of passenger issues. Justin James, our flight attendant, handled all of them with professionalism and compassion. There was one woman who was clearly ill and she was my seat mate and I learned that she was traveling alone to a cancer treatment center. He was very considerate of her needs which were minimal.  There were also a number of children on the flight which required asking a couple of people to move to the front of the plane so parents and young children could sit together. After agreeing to move, one of the women complained in a passive aggressive way to Justin several times during the flight about everything from her bag to the tomato juice. He responded with amazing grace each time. He also called all the passengers by name when he asked if we wanted a drink. I have only experienced that in first class on larger aircraft. It was surprising, yet nice.  He performed above and beyond. I had to let you know. ”

Thanks for taking care of our passengers, Justin!

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